List Of Best Tech News Sites 2017

This is an era of best technologies. Now technology is on a revolutionary stage and it totally changed modern lifestyle. You can easily observed that everyday a number of latest products having new and best technology are launched in the market. So, it very much important to be updated in order to stand with the best technology. One has to be updated about the market of technology because today is the age of competition once you get out of the race it is very difficult to be the part of the market again. And the best way to be kept updated is get in touch with best tech news sites. These tech news websites are very good way to keep updated yourself about the world of technology.

So, here we have listed top 10 best tech news sites with the latest trends in technology. Here is a list of top 10 Tech News Websites.

1. Tech2

This website is a venture of Network18 group. It have a huge collection of videos, podcasts and photos about the latest technologies and new trends in the technology world. It’s regularly posts reviews on new gadgets like mobile, tablets, laptops, TVs, HTS and gaming devices. Its have an amazing feature of “How to Tab” teaches some new and different things. This website is listed also among the best as it compares various websites and new gadgets relatively. So this is a right place to get best tech news.

2. Thenextweb

This is a web portal mainly designed for he technologies related personalities, the one who are interested in business with technological items. So business related to new technology is discussed in detailed on thewenext. It always focus on the next generation of gadgets and technologies. It provides the latest tech news on software, games, designer assets, gadgets and web services which are already launched in the market.

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3. Wired

This site is an odd one out from the rest of other websites in this list because of its extensive blogs and coverage of technical news. Here on Wired, future trends in the technology world are discussed in detail. It provides its visitors with latest news related to technology and gadgets like Mobile, camera, Laptop, Security devices, Video series, science and entertainment. It have a venture

4. Techcrunch

The website is especially designed for tech enthusiasts buddies. It provides all the information related to new technology and new gadgets. It also post reviews on new internet portals and products on regular basis. It also provides the info on latest apps for android, iOS and windows.

5. Gizmodo

This website is designed keeping in mind gadget lovers. So a gadget lover simply cannot miss visiting this website on daily basis or may be several times a day. The main reason behind it is this website provides the best comparative guide for newly launched gadgets. It shows latest news for android, Apple iOS and windows operating system on regular basis. This website is a central stop for any gadget lovers. All the latest gadget launches like Smartphone’s, Tablets, Laptops,Cameras, iphone, etc. are discussed here in detail.

6. Cnet offers news on a different type of technological products like personal computers, laptops, mobiles, cameras, security devices, new reforms in internet, Apple,Google, Microsoft, latest trends in tech industry etc. This website publishes news, articles on new technologies. Cnet is a web portal which have its one place in tech market it publishes news on regular basis about new technologies in market.

7. Mashable

Mashable has more than six million social media followers this makes this website very popular among tis users. This website is a tech hub for tech enthusiastic personalities . It provides the ultimate options like. It has an incredible array of dazzling videos about the latest technology including various applications, software, design, etc. It provides all the vital and latest resources, news and information related to technical advancements. It publishes articles on new reforms in tech world, entertainment, social media, business. Mashable has designed country wise. This is one of the best tech news websites.

8. Theverge

The website is a paradise for tech lovers and mobile lovers. It have different columns for iOS, android and app. It publishes reviews about new products launched in the market. It also have forum. You can browse data from various sections here like science, cars, the and design. It publishes articles about new incoming technologies.

9. Digitaltrends

This website mainly aims at to increase awareness among people with the latest technologies in the world at present also the technologies going to introduce in future. Its display information on wide range of technologies which is amazing. You can visit Digitaltrends for product reviews like laptop, mobile, camera, car, game, tablet, headphone, desktop, wearable, speaker, home theater system, appliances etc.

This website covers news for mobiles, games and gaming devices, speakers and home theaters systems, computers and laptops and lifestyle products. Ere you got a plenty of articles about cars, photography and music. Its news coverage for apple and its products is simply fabulous. So visit this site for latest technology news.

10. Techradar

The website is a useful place for gadgets seekers. It always publishes a wide coverage on newly launched mobiles, PCs, laptops and tablets. It has a completely different and unique way of rating tablets and mobiles devices. This rating for mobile and tablet is done after a detailed research and the results are very helpful when we are going to a make a decision the time of buying a product as it really helps us to choose the best one among thousands of products. SO if anyone who is going to buy new mobile phone or a tablet for itself can visit this website to see the ratings of the product he/she going to buy. It also publishes the news for OS (Operating Systems) based on android. The availability of the latest apps in Google store.

It also has some useful information for car lovers. It gives a useful description in detail about the technology equipped into the modern cars. Which really helps you at the time of buying a new car.

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