Top 10 Look Alikes Indian Celebrities in Holly & Bollywood

Look Alikes of Indian Celebrities

Look alikes are the persons who resembles with each othes in looks. We have a number of celebrities who have look alikes some of them are listed as below:

#1 Hrithik Roshan resembles to American actor Bradley Cooper

#2 The bindas girl of Bollywood has Hayden Panettiere as her ‘star twin’.

#3 Bollywood Actor Arbaaz Khan And Rozer Federar Tennis Star

#4 Akshay Kumar looks alike Shawn Michaels the WWE Wrestler

#5 Aishwarya_closest_look_Alike_Alesha_ash

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#6 Aamir Khan and Tom Hanks

#7 Esha Gupta Angelina Jolie

#8 Kareena kapoor and Paris Hilton

#9 Zeenat Aman and Parveen Bobby

#10 Katrina Kaif and Zarrine Khan

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