Top 10 Music Recognition Apps to Identify Music

Whenever you heard a good music or song but cannot able to determine who is the artist behind this song or the song title, so you may also go and look for it ? but not get success every time. Sometime this can be boring or irritating too, especially when a number of songs being releasing on a daily basis. But don’t get depressed as we have a good news for you because now we have a number of music recognition application for both Android and iPhone.

Before the era of smartphones, this would probably require writing down a some lyrics to Google later. Before computers, you’d most probably have to come to terms with never hearing that particular song again, or you may perhaps singing half-remembered chorus voice record store employee.  Nowadays, a plenty of apps can help you to track any tune that drifts into your ears.

I have gone through these awesome apps deeply. And created this list for you. Here we are discussing the top ten music recognition app to which helps you to identify music. So just have a look to these beautiful apps

Top 10 Music Recognition Apps to Identify Music

Royalty free music
Royalty free music

1. Shazam

Comments: Shazam is an awesome app. You can say this app is a magical app and is really accurate in song identification. It is one of the most successful music identification app.


  • App is Best for classical music identification.
  • Easy to use user interface of this app.
  • News notifications also available.

Advantages : It’s fun and engaging user interface, supports classical music and most compatible on most of the Smartphone.
Disadvantages : It has constraint while downloading the song as you have to subscribe for its paid version to download the songs.

Rating : Shazam is available for Free to use app available for Android,Windows Mobile and Blackberry and iOS.  It have rating of 3.5.

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2. MusicID with Lyrics

Comments : It a  well designed product of Gravity Mobile. MusicID helps you to recognizes music playing around you. So whenever you listen a music or song playing around you may make use of this app to recognize the that music or song. MusicID helps you to find the artist, track name, YouTube videos, lyrics and more


  • It have ability to create memories just by adding a note or location to your ID’s.
  • You can download songs on iTunes.
  • View artists pages with photographs, biographies.
  • You may listen to song previews.

Advantages : Its ability to share on social networks, ability to discover new music from similar songs recommendations, watch YouTube music videos and concerts and read about additional details of a song.
Disadvantages : It may sometimes fails to recognize some latest songs.

Rating : The rating of the app is 3.5 and its supports iOS.

3. Sound Tracking

Comments : It is a new app which enables you to find new friends and new music as well. This is my one of my favorite music sharing/discovery app.


  • Instant sharing on social networks.
  • Enables you to dedicate songs to your friends, fans using the song name-tagging feature of this app.
  • Here you will get your own profile Automatically at “”

Advantages :  It have fast song recognition and search ability and it listen to the radio and which is free of cost.
Disadvantages : It has a selection of music and songs variety and Christian music may be difficult to be identified.

Rating : It has a very good rating of 4.5 which suggest that it ranked at the top when compared with similar apps. It supports Android.

4. Musixmatch music & lyrics

Comments : It is one of the popular music app available in the market at present. But are some missing lyrics of Hindi and Punjabi songs. But is one of the best music app in the market definitely recommends to your friends.


  • It enables you to remove song’s vocals and sing along the music of the song.
  • Enables you to cast lyrics and music to your TV via Chromecast.
  • It support Android.

Advantages : It is one of the reason for using this app is this is a free to use app, one can easily search for lyrics and music using words, song title, artist names or by sound.
Disadvantages : Even though it’s a free app, it has in-app purchases for android users.

Rating : The rating for this app is 4.5 it suggest that it ranked at the top between similar applications. It supports Android. It is available Free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

5. Hound

Comments : Hound has powerful lyric recognition power. It has a huge catalog of lyrics to find for what you’re looking for which based on song lyrics. Enables you to tag and save lyrics, if you wants to share them you can, and enable you to browse even while offline.


  • Support for different languages
  • This is the best app I’ve found to explore latest music.
  • Enables you to can tag and save lyrics,
  • Enables instant sharing on social networks.
  • Enable you to browse even when you are offline.
  • Identifies the song within seconds when you speak to it.
  •  App works smooth with the blind /visually impaired listener.

Advantages: Its support for Android, iOS, and windows phones and other similar devices, it is free of cost and gives song lyrics along with the previews.

It is rated 3.3, so you can say average ranking.

6. Digimarc Discover

Comments : It will recognizes almost every song you try on it. It is a time saver app. But unfortunately it can never start playing the video.

Features :

  • It support bar code.
  • it have a smooth and time-saving user interface.

Advantages : It is free of charge app.

The app is available for Android,  iOS and windows phones. It is rated 2.2, hence it is a below average ranking app.

7. TuneWiki – Lyrics for Music

Comments : I love this app too much  – especially like its lyrics display. It have a best media player never have problems with it. Reason is it because it shows lyrics.
But you have to login every time it’s a hassle.

Features :

  • Audio player
  • Good sound quality
  • Listen to any music with scrolling lyrics

Advantages : It is a free of charge app and it supports lyric art. however, its affected by bugs hence may be some features might not work smoothly.

The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows phones. It is rated 3.3, hence average in ranking.

8. Piano Melody

Comments :

Just started with this app piano lessons and really enjoy this app as it works great. And I love this app to teaches you to play new music here. It’s downloading feature is superb and is fast.

Features :

  • Piano feature in this app is superb and you can teach yourself how to play new songs on it.
  • It is highly configurable piano ans supports glissando, multi touch, highlighting, note labels etc.

The rating of the app is 4.2 so it a good rating as compared to similar apps.

Advantages:The feature of integrated piano really helps you learn piano. On the other hand it has a limited list of songs available.

9. Sound Search for Google Play

Comments : Sound search is provided by Google. It is based on voice recognition technique. It is one of the best way to identify the song, music, sound within seconds.

Features :

  • It is integrated with Google Play, so you may identify a song easily.
  • Sync across almost all devices.
  • It may use as widget on your locked screen.

Advantages:It have an easy to use user interface, it is free of charge and it is integration with Google Play.

The rating of this app is 3.6, so it ranked at average compared to similar applications.

10. Soundhound

Comment : If a song stuck in your mind and it tries to come out but need help of something then Soundhound is a best option. This app can easily identify a song for you just by humming or singing a few lyrics. It is one of the best way to discover new music and listen to your favorites.

Features :

  • Lyrics feature
  • Bookmark feature
  • Fast and responsive too
  • Music apps

Advantages: It have an ability to listen to music, to the radio and share music. Soundhound is freely available for Android and iOS.

Another powerful app that gives the answer of your question What song is this? is Spotsearch :


Comments : Spotsearch has powerful lyrics recognition power. It has a large catalog of lyrics to find for what you’re looking for in music. Spotsearch is integrated with Spotify. Type in any lyrics for which you’re looking for, It will return you the best result.

Features :

  • Support for many languages
  • The best app you will find latest music.
  • You may can tag and save lyrics,
  • Instant sharing on social networks.
  • Browse even when you are offline.
  • Identifies the song within seconds.

Advantages: Its support for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile phones and other similar devices, it is free and gives song lyrics.

It is rated 3.4, so you can say it is an average ranking. Spotsearch is freely available for Android on Playstore.

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