Top 10 Reason Why October Month is Special for Foodies & Tech Person

October is 10th Month of the year according to Julian calendar and according to Gregorian calendars; it is one of the ninth months with a length of 31 days. October is basically known as Fair Trade Month, the goal of this month is to raise awareness about fair trade and to promote buying/selling goods, services or products through socially or commercial way.

Top 10 October Month Special Days –

1. CD Player Day – 1st October –

As world is growing digitally, MP3 and other media integrated device in the house or on the move become more important. But somewhere CD player has lost its visibility.

2. International Day of Non-Violence – 2nd October–

The International Day of Non-Violence is celebrated on October 2nd in morality of the birthday of Mahatma Ghandi Ji, one of the most influential political activists of all time.

3. Techies Day – 3rd October –

India we believed in JUGAAD technology. We Indian must celebrate techies day because from wire soldering to laptop repairing, we do all by using our tech mind.

4. Taco Day – 4th October –

Tacos are the special Mexican comparable of a sandwich. Instead of bread, a hard or soft tortilla is wrapped or folded around a spicy veg or non-veg filling.

5. Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day – 5th October –

Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day’ is an occasion that originated a good while ago in the west, and thousands of hostelries now make a special effort every year to welcome visitors by providing special events, information and entertainments.

6. Bathtub Day – 7th October –

People love bathtub bathing during winter season with hot water. Bathtub bath provide peace, relax and refresh your moods. So enjoy Bathtub Day.

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7. Cake Decorating Day – 10th October –

Cake Decoration Day is special for those people who love cake decoration and have hobbies to make different kind of cakes for friends, family and for someone special.

8. Chicken Cacciatore Day – 15th October –

Cacciatore means “hunter” in Italian. This dish is famous in between peoples who roam forests for hunting and made this dish when they feel hungry.

9. Smart is Cool Day – 22nd October –

To check your IQ level, Smart is Cool Day is started. Nobody know exact date when this shit started. On the occasion of Smart is Cool Day, wear vintage t shirt, pants and go for

10. Checklist Day – 30th October –

Making Checklist is powerful tricks to become successful in current era. So if you are making checklist, then you are on the path of success or get started making checklist on Checklist day.

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