Top 10 Royalty Free Music Sites To Use In Your Videos

List of Top 10 Royalty Free Music Sites

To make your videos attractive you are always in search of good music. But to you’re you’re your video more authentic you should need a legal royalty free music.  Some it get very difficult to find free, legal music for your online videos. You want a perfect soundtrack for your video, but also you have to keep in mind that you should don’t break any copyright laws regarding that music. To make this task easy luckily there are some Royalty Free Music sites. You will find the perfect music for your video here on these websites for free and these music don’t have any copyright restrictions.

List of websites for finding royalty free music

1. Incompetech –>> (

Incompetech is a very famous and one of the best free royalty free music website. The website was created and maintained by composer Kevin MacLeod and it has a huge database of music from by genre. So if you wants to add some good quality of music to your video project just visit to make add it to your video.

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2. DanoSongs –>> (

Dan-O is a music composer that provides his original songs for free to download from If you wish then you may use his songs for free in your videos. So this is a different sort of free music online website. Form ere you can download royalty free or license free music for free. So just fulfill your need to add free music to your video.

3. Moby Gratis –>> (

If you are interested to use music by some of the well-known artist of the World which is license free music then you should visit Moby Gratis. Here at, you will get a big database of free copyright free music which is free to download. This is a free songs and music non-commercial site. Just visit this site for royalty free music to add in your YouTube videos.

4. Free Soundtrack Music –>> ( provides free music for videos. Here you will get royalty free music to use in YouTube videos, multimedia productions, games etc. The material available on this website is posted with permission of the owner of that music. Here you will find a big database of free music which is a royalty free collection. So just visit free soundtrack music for free music for YouTube videos.

5. ccMixter –>> (

ccMixter a community music website, here you will find a lots of music for free like free background music, royalty free music library, license free music etc. So just ccMixture to enjoy royalty free music for free. All the material available on this website  is posted with the permission of the artist. So just visit ccMixture for royalty free music for YouTube videos.

6. Partners In Rhyme –>> (

Partners In Rhyme is a great website for those who are always in a search of good music for free. This is one of the best unblocked music websites and has a huge collection of all sorts of music stuff, from all genres. So if you are interested in best quality of royalty free music you should visit partners in rhyme.

7. PacDV –>> (

PacDV is a famous website for free music. The tracks available here are free to use, means you can use them in you videos freely as it don’t have any copyright. So if you wants to make a video and wants to add some best good quality sound in that video you may visit It is a free and reliable source. If you are in the search of good quality of free music this is a right place.

8. Publicdomain4u –>> (

Publicdomain4u is a very famous website for public domain music downloads. You will find here good quality of music from here for absolutely free. This website is right place to get fine quality of free music to add to your video to make it perfect.  providing us the access to music. All the musical data available on this website is  posted on this website with the permission of the artist or owner.

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9. Musopen –>> (

If you need royalty free music for your YouTube videos Musopen is a right place to provide you best quality of free music. Musopen is a free music website that, unlike other ebsites, Musopen provides the music that has copyright expired. Here you will get old classic songs and music for free to use anywhere  as there is no restrictions. Here you can browse music easily. You can browse them by performer, composer, instrument, etc.

10. Beatpick –>> (

Beatpick offers a very good collection of licensed music. But if you are using it in a non-commercial or non-profit way it’s free. Now once you’ve selected a song that you want to use in your video, then click on “License Song” and then select “Non Commercial projects.”

Some other good free music royalty free music website are written as below:

PremiumBeat –>> (

Audiojungle –>> (

iStockaudio –>> (

Tunefruit –>> (

Vimeo Music Store –>> (

What is Royalty Free ?

Royalty Free Music refers to a different type of music. This music has a different music licensing. This license allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only one time and to use the music for as long as he or she want. Royalty free music sometimes called with its short form RF music. It refers to the right to use copyrighted music. In this case you don’t need to pay license fee or royalties its use don’t matter much times you use it.

Final Words

If you are searching for some good quality royalty free music for your YouTube videos, Video video game, film, presentation or commercial purpose this is a right place to get a lot of good quality of music for free.

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