Top 10 Types of Office Friends You Will Find Around You

Man is social animal. We meet new people during our office hour, greet them, inspire them, learn from them and most important are our overall conversation. Good teamwork and message in office may seem the start of a valuable friendship but one has to be careful before considering colleagues as friends.

Here are the –

10 Types of Office Colleague That You Meet in Your Office –

1. The Passionate – He/She is the type who are very ardent, avid and always ready to learn new things.

2. The Decision Maker – He/She possess the ability to take decisions quickly, wisely and effectively to produce a definite result.

3. The 2nd Boss – He/She is very bossy. Whether they have the authority or not they love to give a lot of work to others.

4. The Planner – He/She is good at making tactics and strategies that are value implementing.

5. The Razor Sharp – He/She is original, inventive and innovative. They have every pioneering idea you need for your business.

6. The Multi – Tasker – He/She is the all-in-one person. He/She can do anything and life saver for you. Any
problems in the company call him/her.

7. The Disapproving – He/She is a walking complaint box. Wants to know about the issues in the company he or she will tell you; Don’t want to know about the issues in the company still he/she will tell you. Mostly Female colleague do this.

8. The Creepy – He/She is the most yes person for the boss. They are the right example of the proverb – “Boss is always right”.

9. The Chancer – He/She is a benefit seeker always looking for the right time to hit the iron and beat you.

10. The Social Network – Always hectic in making his/her relations good with colleague in the office.

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