Top 10 Unfamiliar Facts and Figures About IRCTC

Top 10 Interesting Facts and Figure of IRCTC Website

If you are living in India and traveling to home or any other destination then you must aware about IRCTC. An online reservation portal where you can book railway tickets of any class. But if any one asked you that which one is the biggest giant e-commerce site in India then you will definitely tell Flipkart. But if we chat about revenue term then IRCTC revenue is equal of the Flipkart and Amazon.

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Here are some interesting tips that we thought would capture your fancy –

1. IRCTC was started by Indian government with a small budget of 20 crore. The ERP of IRCTC was designed by TCS in 2006-07. IRCTC is started by Indian government with a small budget of 20 crore. The ERP of IRCTC is designed by TCS in 2006-07.

2. On a daily basis, approx 4.15 lakh tickets are booked daily.

3. IRCTC was the most searched keyword in 2014 as per Google India.

4. It has more than 21 million active users.

5. The bandwidth of the IRCTC Website server is 775MBPS – 1GBPS, as of today.

6. More than 11.57 lakh berths and seats are booked on a daily basis, among which 1.71 lakh seats and 2677 berths come from Tatkal Quota.

7. Among the five online users in India at any point of time, one visitor would be browsing IRCTC website. It has over 120 lakh unique visitors every month.

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8. Before 2014, IRCTC was rated as one of the slowest websites in its respective category. But after some crucial changes IRCTC website became the largest and the fastest developing website of the Asia-Pacific region.

9. IRCTC website is amongst the most viewed web-sites in the world according to Alexa, it ranks under 750 top sites worldwide and under 50 top sites in India.

10. Here are the some unbelievable numbers in last few years (Yearly ticket booked on IRCTC Website)

  • 2010-2011 Year : 9,69,11,000
  • 2011-2012 Year : 11,61,77,000
  • 2012-2013 Year : 14,06,88,000
  • 2013-2014 Year : 15,79,81,713

We are sure that many of these facts and figures were unknown to you and you learnt something cool about IRCTC – the most loved and the most hated website at the same time. Also read – Top 10 Popular Indian Television Serial of 2015

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