Best Unblocked Music Websites at School 2017 (Updated)

Top  Unblocked Music Sites at School

Use of music websites in schools are commonly prohibited. But there are some websites which provides you the free unblocked music these are commonly known as unblocked music websites. The main work of these music websites unblocked are to provide free music online without downloading. And the good thing is that there are a number of free unblocked music websites which can be easily open at school to listen music. Here we have provided 5 best unblocked music sites as below:

Best Unblocked Music Websites List for School is Here –

If you are in search of music websites unblocked at school then this is a golden chance for you because here we have some more outstanding unblocked music websites which have given a different place. You can listen live streaming music from these websites and a lot of them have mobile app for online music with the same name to make you more suitable to listen music from these online music stores. So the list of some of the popular unblocked music websites at school or live streaming music is below:

(1) Grooveshark –>> (

Grooveshark is an online music platform where you can play live streaming of your choice of singer, artists or albums and also create your own playlist. Grooveshark also provides radio channels from where you can listen your favorite channels. Do get all this you have to simply create a Grooveshark account and then start assessing unlimited music.

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(2) Slacker –>> (

Slacker is a free radio station. It includes more than 200 radio channels and also allows you to create your own station. Slacker is one of the top “unblocked music sites” which provides facility for listening music and also here you can choose your own station for streaming music without downloading. You can register yourself on the website to avail all the benefits available on the website.

(3) Google Play Music –>> (

This is a music store launched by Google world’s biggest search engine. You can Google Play Music is an online app and you can install it in your mobile as well to listen all type of songs online on a single touch of your finger. It is so easy to use that even an old age person can learn to play music via this music app in seconds.

(4) Soundzabound –>> (

Get all type of music unblocked at Soundzabound, It is also a free music streaming website. Soundzabound have a wide variety of music, audio tracks and sound effects for students. The site offers perfect audio for PowerPoint presentations, web designing,  video yearbooks and any other visual media projects. It is one of the best music websites unblocked at school.

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(5) Clearlydrunk –>> (

Clearlydrunk is a secure SSL proxy that lets you surf any music site at blazing fast speed. It is a very safe way to browse any website anonymously. If you wan to block any music website blocked by your institute simply go to Clearlydrunk and then you can unblock any sites which are blacklisted by your institute very easily.

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(6) Mixcloud –>> (

It is a very popular live music steaming place which is used widely all over the world. This website contains music from the different genres like English, Hindi, Punjabi, DJ, hip hop etc. You can also comment on each song and share music on social networking sites. At Mixcloud you have the facility to upload songs and browse any numbers from the site.

(7) Rdio –>> (

Rdio also allows all of its listeners to tune in to all radio channels. You can Listen music on Rdio 100 percent free of cost unless but it also have paid service. So whenever you are at office or in school listen music on Rdio to stay tension free.

(8) TuneIn –>> (

TuneIn have around 100,000 radio stations all over the World and it have around 4 million podcasts. Which makes its such huge and popular music point over the Internet.

(9) Xbox Music –>> (

Xbox music is an awesome music website. I you are a music lover i bet you definitely likes it. It offers a free period of 30 days to explore the worldwide music. Xbox music offers you music from almost of all genres and albums.

(10) SoundCloud –>> (

SoundCloud is a famous music websites which provides best music results online and here you get music of all format like jazz, hip hp, dj, romantic, emotional, religious, Christmas songs, party songs, birthday songs etc

(11) FreePlay Music –>> (

It have a huge database of around 200 radio stations, FreePlay Music is the biggest music stations of the world at present. It offer 100 percent free music live streaming online. Here you will find music of all genres from all over the globe.

(12) MySpace Music –>> (

MySpace is well-known social networking sites which now expanded to the MySpace Music section. It offers music live music streaming from almost every genre and from the latest albums of almost all artists of the World.

(13) Gaana –>> ( is one the Indian music startups. It is a Popular website for Indian music from almost all genres like dj, marriage party songs, Punjabi songs etc. is one of the most visited music station in India and there you can listen to free music online without downloading. With a wide range of classic, modern and Bollywood music, Gaana also include the country’s top level radio stations. The site also offers an iOS, Android and Windows Phone app for easy and portable music listening

(14) Hungama –>> (

Another popular music streaming station is Hungama, which is also one of the most preferred stations in India. Hungama have a huge a variety of music from a number of genres including, Jazz,pop, hip hop, ,romantic,rock, classical music, modern and western music live streaming. Hungama also offer radio music streaming for the FM fans.

(15) Raaga –>> (

Raaga is one of the best Indian website to listen live streaming of music. Raaga have a huge collection of Indian songs.

(16) Pandora –>> (

Pandora is well-known live music streaming website. And here you can also allowed for live radio streaming. But Pandora is not accessible in India. But people from outside of India can easily browse to Pandora to listen live music 100 percent free.

(17) Saavn –>> (

Saavn is an Indian live music streaming website, Saavn, have a huge collection of unlimited Indian music like Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, classical, rock, jazz etc. You can listen music via Saavn app also which available for android app on google play store and for iOS also.

(18) WynK Music –>> (

Wynk Music is an online live streaming music service by India largest mobile service provider Airtel. You use wynk music you should log on to wynk music website or just download wynk music app for google play store to listen live streaming music online. Wynk music provides you on month trial period so that you can listen music online freely. You can download music from wynk music of categories like hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu etc.

(19) –>> (

Plug Dj is a top music  entertainment websites, You will get her simply unblocked music because it is one of the best among all a well-known unblocked music websites. have huge database of music you will found live streaming music from all genres and from all over the world.

(20) Purevolume –>> (

Purevolume is another a very popular music streaming website. It provides you free access to thousands of music channels. Here you can browse for your favorite songs, artists, albums. In Pure volume, you will find music of all types like latest, old, jazz, rock music etc.

Why We Need Best Free Unblocked Music ?

Free unblocked music : we need music to make us relax and to keep away from tiredness. Listening good and soft music songs makes us feel happy and give us positive energy. Unblocked Music is the best way to listen songs at everywhere all you need a working Internet connection. These unblocked music websites also provides royalty free music to provide free music all over the globe via Internet.

How to Get Free Music Online Without Downloading ?

Live streaming of music is the newest way to listening all type of songs. Just go online and open any Online music streaming website to get free music online. After login into any unblocked music sites you can easy browse all type of songs like free Hindi songs, free Punjabi songs, dj songs etc


So If you are music lover and an enthusiast person about music. you will 100 percent like this page because this page is all about music and music only. You definitely loves live music streaming websites where you play and listen music you can seamlessly listen music from all these website 24 by 7 whole year. So just visit these websites to explore live music online seamlessly.

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