Top Indian Cultural Websites

The Indian culture and religion is the indispensable and most important way of life of the people of India. Moreover, the most exciting fact to notice is that India’s languages, food, religions, dance, music, architecture, rituals and customs differ from place to place with in the nation. And this is the only reason that the culture in India, often categorized as a mixture of number of cultures. Many elements of India’s diverse cultures, such as Indian cuisine, Indian religions, yoga, and rituals, had a very deep impact across the world. We listed below some of the top Indian Cultural and Heritage websites.

  1. Incredible India – – This site carries out international marketing campaign for the Government of India to promote Indian tourism in India since 2002 for global audience.
  2. This is My India – – This is my India popular web portal it covers Indian culture, festival, religion, heritage and also daily news, and updates.
  3. Indian Mirror – – It provide the real images of India, Indian Recipes, India Travel, Indian Food, Indian Culture, Indian Clothes, India News and Indian Arts.
  4. Cultural India – – This is very popular website here you can see the Indian culture and its uniqueness and varied section of culture of India which contains information on various aspects of the Indian culture.
  5. Facts About India – – This web portal provides amazing facts about culture Indian. It contains a detailed history of India with All facts and figures of the great Indian culture.
  6. Esamskriti – – This is an online encyclopedia of Indian culture, traditions, ancient India, position of education in India, Indian history, Travel, leaders of India and festivals of India.
  7. India Culture – – This is an official website of the cultural department of the Government of India, this website features ways and means by which cultural and aesthetic values remain dynamic among people of India.
  8. ICCR India – – Its aim is to promotes the country’s culture and art outside the India. It Includes events calendars, details of various scholarships, competitions, and other related happenings.
  9. All About India – –It provides us Inspiring information on almost everything about India travel including Indian History, Indian Culture, Indian Food and India’s Geography.
  10. Indian Heritage – – In have detailed content about music, dance, sculpture, painting, temples, architecture, arts and crafts of India.
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