Unblocked Music Services

If your school or office block your access to music websites? So you looking for unblocked music services online? In this case we will help you as here we have some of the best recommendations for you guys with some best music streaming sites and we will describe you how you can access them no matter wherever you are. So this is a happy news for all music lovers.

Features of an unblocked music service :

  • Pick your desired music for free– You can pick your desired unblock music service to listen music for free from a vast list of services available over the Internet.
  • Use unblock music anywhere– You can listen music from these portals for free by getting a new IP address and with the help of bypass any restrictions at school or your work place that so you can easily connect to your desired music unblocked.
  • It is 100% percent free – No need to spend a single penny as it is absolutely free just make use of any unblock music website to have fun.

You can also browse music sites online by categories.

Also check top free music app to listen music.

Also watch how to use unblocked music sites for school

Have a Look of Some Popular Music Streaming Services

Are you in search of some good music websites unblocked at school then you are at right place because here we will find some outstanding unblocked music sites. So from now you can listen music from these sites and a lot of them for free. You may use mobile app for online music with the same names to make use of this service on your mobile to listen music from these online music sites. So below we have the list of popular unblocked music websites at school and live streaming music:

unblocked music at school


Pandora is a free/premium online radio and music services recommendation system that lets Americans, Kiwis and Australians discover and listen to a huge library of music. You can search for your favorite artists with the help of Pandora. Pandora app is also available for all platforms.


Spotify is a free/premium music streaming site/service that lets users to listen major label music via their devices. It available all over South American, North America, South America, Europe, but its have access is limited in Asia and Africa.

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is a service from Apple. It is an ad-based radio streaming station which syncs across all your devices and works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac PC, and Apple TV. You have an option to upgrade it at the rate of $24.99/yearly. You can store all your music on iCloud and listen to it without ads anywhere .

Apple Music

Apple Music is a new music streaming service from Apple.There service is available for 3 month free trial, and after that deepen iPod touch this on your choice that can buy individual subscription for $9.99 a month or you can buy family membership for just $14.99 per month.

Google Play All Access

Google Play All Access enables its users to upload music from their mobile or laptop to listen music from to and from any of their devices. The best part of it this is an ad free service. It is free for first month and then $9.99/monthly. It will provide you access to millions of songs at a single point. You can even sync your iTunes library with Google All Access in a click.


Souncloud enables its users to upload their own music, it have a huge database of unblocked music ranging from major music artists to small local bands too. It’s an excellent way to discover new and popular music. Unfortunately it is blocked in Turkey and China.


Track is a free radio internet service which allows you to listen some of the best playlists made by music lovers and you can listen it anywhere. Here you can pick someof the top playlist or select song based on artist or genre. At present the service is geo-restricted so it is limited to certain regions.


Grooveshark one of the biggest online music portal for unblocked music lovers. It is an online music platform for those who wants to listen music anywhere anytime. It is a place where you can play live streaming music depending on your choice like artist or albums and also create your own playlist. So just download the app or open website to have a look to this ultimate service.


Slacker is a radio station and it is free to use. It have listed 200+ radio channels. It allows you to create your own station in its app. Slacker is one of the best “unblocked music sites” and its provides feature for listening music. You can choose your own station for streaming music here without downloading.


Soundzabound is a unblocked music service which is available for free ro use. Here you will get all sort of music unblocked at Soundzabound website and app. It is also providind free streaming music too. Soundzabound have a huge database of audio tracks, music and sound effects. Here you will find audio clips for web designing, PowerPoint presentations, video yearbooks and many other media projects.


Clearlydrunk is one of the best music websites unblocked at school. It is a secure SSL proxy service that enables you surf a number of music websites. It is a perfect site to browse any website for music unblock. If music sites are blocked in your institute or workplace just use clearlydrunk to browse some of the best unblocked music websites for free.


Mixcloud is a popular live music steaming website for unblocked music seekers. It is a music spot accepted all over the world. Mixcloud contains music from a number of genres like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Hip Hop, DJ etc. Here you will find option to comment on each song and also you can share music on various social networking websites. You can also upload songs and browse from this website.


Rdio is one of the best music unblock website present over the Internet these days. It allows all of its users to tune most of the radio stations. Rdio is a 100 percent free service unless but it also have paid service for premium users. So if you are a music freek you should use Rdio which allow you to browse music unlimited.


As the name suggest TuneIn is an online radio service which have around 100,000 radio stations all over the World with around 4 million podcasts. It have a huge music networks as a result have millions of users too. It is a perfect music point over Internet.

Xbox Music

Xbox music is an very popular music site. So if you are a music freak Xbox Music is a perfect place for you. I bet you didn’t find any place like this over Internet. It offers you a free period of a 30 days afterwards it is paid. Xbox music have a huge database of music of all genres.

FreePlay Music

 Free Play Music is a famous music websites and it provides the best music results online and here you will find music of all format and from almost all genres. At present it is the biggest music stations of the world as it have a huge database of around 200 radio stations, It is a 100 percent free music live streaming.

MySpace Music

As we all MySpace is knows MySpace is a social networking websites, but now it is expanded to the MySpace Music section. MySpcae Music offers service for live music streaming and it have music from almost all genres from all over the World.


Gaana.com is very famous in India and it is one of the biggest Indian music website and app. It is an Indian music startup. It is a popular site for Indian music from all genres like hindi, punjabi, bengali, marathi, kannad, dj, marriage party songs etc. Gaana.com have a very high number of visitors. You can listen to free music online without downloading. It have a high variety of wide range of modern, classic and Bollywood music. It also have country’s top level radio stations so you can tune them listen unlimited music here on Gaana.com.


Hungama is another very popular online music streaming station. It have a huge number of daily visitors and have a variety of music from variety of genres including hip hop, Jazz, pop, romantic, classical, rock and modern. They also provides radio music streaming for FM stations.


Raaga is one of the well known Indian music website available to listen live streaming music. It have a huge database of Indian songs. You can listen music from a variety of genres like Bollywood, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, classical and western.


Saavn is most popular Indian music website. You will find here Indian live music streaming. Saavn, have very big database of unlimited Indian music like Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, classical etc. You can also listen music via Saavn app which available on play store for android and for iOS also it is available.

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