Top 10 Websites to Watch Cartoon Online for Free

1. Cartoon Network (

If you don’t want to watch cartoons online then cartoon network is most appropriate option for you but in between of cartoon it shows the ads. So if you wants watch cartoons online with ads on TV this is right place for you. So you just need a good working Internet to watch free online anime. Cartoon Network is the right place where you can play free games and also you can watch full episodes of all your favorite cartoons.Here you can watch your favorite shows online like Tom and Jerry, The Amazing World of Gumball, Pokemon, League of Super Evil and movies like Pokemon and  Ben 10. Cartoon network launched on May 1, 1995.

2. Hulu (

Hulu is a very popular website where you can watch animations and cartoon videos online for absolutely free. Hulu is famous for its HD videos and which consist of a wide range of animation movies and animation videos as well. You should visit Hulu if you wants to watch any kind of animation or cartoon movie online. But there is some restrictions as this website as it is not yet available to show cartoons videos online on all  over the  globe.. Currently Hulu is active in  website is accessible in UK, US, Some part of Asia and Europe.

3. Anime Freak (

Anime Freak is the best website to watch animation videos and free cartoons. The best  part of this website is that it updates its videos list on daily basis from its database. So this website is a best option for those who are always in a search of latest episodes and series. Here they will easily get latest animation series and episodes. Here you will find a lot of content on this website. To make search easy here on this website they have added a search box for the convenience of their user so that they can type whatever they want to search in search box and hit on the button to get their choice of videos easily. Here you will get both original and dubbed animation videos and cartoon on this website. With no doubt you can say that this is one of the best website to watch cartoons online for free.

4. GoGo Anime (

GoGo Anime is top anime website of the World. As we discussed that we cannot access Hulu from all over the World but here with GoGo Anime there is nothing such restriction. You can access it from any part of the World. GoGoAnime is simply a cartoon dedicated site which consist such a large contents from anime movies to cartoon series. Also you can find a number of dubbed cartoons videos and movies here on GoGo Anime. GoGo anime also have an android mobile app, You can downloaded it from Google Play Store and it is very easy to use.With the help of this GoGo Anime app you can easily watch free cartoon videos on you mobile anywhere and at anytime.

5. Anime Crazy (

Anime Crazy is top website for cartoon from Europe. It’s a very good website to watch cartoons videos online, There are a number of cartoon anime series available on this website such as Wake up, Naruto, Girls,Wonder Momo and lots of more. It have a very large collection of animations, cartoon videos. Here on this website you can watch cartoon series, Animation Movies, and many more for free. This is a best website to watch cartoons free online.

6. Anime Season (

Anime Season is well-known anime website for online animation videos. This  website is available to watch cartoons and animation online for free. It is a beautiful website and it is well structured, well-organized and it have is simple navigation and it have a very easy user interface. Anime Season have a huge collection of cartoon series and animation videos. They have provided a simple search box where you can type the name of the video to which you are searching for so you can easily find a video of your choice. So this a very good website for free cartoons to watch.


This is a World of Internet now these days everything is online. So why not cartoon should be available to all of us free online to watch keeping in mind the same we have drafted this post. It is very important to save your time and money.

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