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Many times you are interested to find the answer of What song is this ? Because there may be some of the reason exist like you love that song after listening it first time, or you want to download that song or any other reason may exist. It may happened to you when you are out at an outside with your friends or in a party, and there is some attractive melody is playing, and you missed the lyrics and still loves the melody? In that particular case you need to know about that song, but you cannot recall that song. You just thinking at that time What’s this song or What’s the name of this song. The only reason you cannot recall it as you don’t know the lyrics of that song. That situation is very hard as curiosity of our brain never ends and it keeps on thinking but most of the time never recall it.Sometimes we keep on finding the song until or unless we get the name of that song. Don’t worry… Now you don;t have to make more effort. Say thanks to techniques like voice processing and voice recognition with the help of which you can locate the song by humming the lyrics or the tune of that song you want to know about which.

The combination of the ideas of Human being with technology has given us many of the outstanding inventions. Today we have a lot of song identifier app that finds the songs with the help of digital signal processing techniques. So from now you can easily find, what song is playing. You can find which song is playing and what’s the name of this song, just take the help of any of the given song finder web platform or Apps . So, here we are going to discuss about the various platforms that will help you out locate the song via Internet.

In Present days technology has evolved itself into a much better states over the past few years and it completely changed the way  we listen to music. Below is a list of some of the best web-based song identifier app, which will help you find the name of an unknown melody.

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What Song is This | Find Name Of Playing Song | According to Platform

Just make the use of the inbuilt features that comes with almost every platform like iOS has Siri, Android has Google Voice and now Windows is comes with Cortana. Just see below how to use these features from different platforms.

1. What’s This Song – iOS

Siri is very popular feature of iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. It is so famous among iOS users due to its efficient decision-making capabilities. Siri powerful interactive software and it have many uses. One of the which is finding music.Now in below steps you can see how you can make use of Siri to identify a song.

  • Just Long press the home button of your iPhone or iPad to open and start interacting with Siri.
  • Now just place your iOS device near to the music you are trying to identify.
  • And now speak out “What song is this“ or “What song is playing”  and rest leave it to Siri it will give you the best result

This feature is powered by Shazam and you no need to install it as tt comes pre-loaded.

2. How To Find Which Music is Playing – Android

Android OS is also comes with speech recognition feature but not many of us don’t know the perfect use of it. To find any song name just see below steps.

  • Long press home button of your android device like Smartphone or Tablet and google app will get opened.
  • Just speak, “ok Google, What song is playing” and it will give you the best result.

3. How to Find The Name Of Song – Windows

Now Windows has also a voice recognition feature named Cortana. It is just Similar to Android and iOS. To know the details of the a song play the song and open Cortana and Say “What song is this” and the best result be get displayed.

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Find Unknown Songs | Song Finder Apps

Now you can easily find, what song is playing, what’s the name of this song, and also the name of the artist that has performed the song. There are a lots of song finder app available that easily identifies the song you want to know about which.

1. Find Music While it is Playing (pre-recorded)

1.1 Shazam

Shazam is a ver popular app and it do not need any special introduction. Shazam is the king among all music recognition apps and softwares. It have a massive database, just you need to play a song and let Shazam listen that song. It doesn’t matter from where the music is coming like recorded sound, TV, YouTube, a shop, mobile phone,  radio, DJ or any other source, Shazam will definitely let you know the name of the song.

The Shazam is available free as well as paid free version of Shazam allows you to identify 5 different music audio in a month while the paid version of Shazam will charge $4.99 and it offers unlimited tracking. Shazam is supported by all modern platforms like Android, Windows, Mac,  Google Play, iOS. But it works only with pre-recorded music or with the real-time playing music.

2. Find The Song Using Your Voice

2.1 Soundhound

Soundhound is a Well known app for music identification. In case you don’t have pre-recorded music then this app is best for you. Here you have the option to hum the melody and sing some part of the lyrics you just remember, and, this app will identify the name of the song. But the only requirement is lyrics and humming need to be precise to help the app recognise the song. As per reviews Soundhound is found to be faster, better and stable than Shazam. Soundbaz also supports a number of platforms including Android, Windows and iOS

2.2 Midomi

Midomi is a well organised music catching website, So it is a web-based platform that can help you in identifying the name of the song you want to search. To communicate with Midomi you can use the microphone of the device you are using and hum or sing the part of the song to see just the magic it provides you the details of that song or you can play the part of the song you want to know and let the platform do the task the rest of the for you. Midomi makes the use of a unique search engine that recognise the song which you are humming or singing. Midomi will give you the answer of What Song is This ?.

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3. Song identifier by Lyrics

3.1 MusiXmatch

This is a creative app as it doesn’t work on voice recognition, its works on lyrics recognition. You can find your favorite song all you have to do is just type the lyrics of that song. This app also allow you save the lyrics so that you can use it in offline mode too.

The best part is this app is compatible with almost all audio player and will help you sing a lyrics along by fetching you the lyrics of the song that you are currently playing on the player. But the drawback is you should remember the lyrics.This app is available for almost all platforms like Android, iOS and Windows.

3.2 SpotSearch

Spotsearch is one of the best online song identifier, another web application and comes in iOS and Android application too. Spotsearch is an app that uses lyrics as input variable then it will process and gives you the best result of song you are looking for. This app is closely related to Spotify as every song you search for is linked with their playlist.

4. Tried Everything And Failed. Use Humans To Help You

4.1 WatZatSong

Creativity speaks. When all the above method fails to help you don’t get demoralized we an innovation which is design by WatZatSong that will definitely help you to solve your query when a computer fails to recognise your query.  The idea of this platform is you can ask individuals to help you to find out the result of the query you for which you are looking for.

WatZatSong clearly means, What is that song, this is a website, which provides you the opportunity to upload a MP3 song file, either a well-recorded song or loosely recorded mp3 whatever it is, but it will work. Members of WatZatSong website will suggest the name of that song by listening to the Mp3 file uploaded by the person who wants to know about that song. All members of WatZatSong can give details about the song uploaded by giving details, like language of the song,  singer music genre, year of making of song etc. This website also allow you to connect over social media like Twitter and Facebook. Here you get answer of What Song is This?.

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4.2 MelodyCatcher

This is for some specific population who have a good knowledge of music. So if you have keen interest in music and have good knowledge of it this site is for you. The idea of MelodyCatcher is they provide a virtual keyboard where you have to play the melody and then it identifies the song related to that melody.

So if you can play a tune of the song on a virtual keyboard provided there on website, then you are at right place. After playing the tune via virtual keyboard MelodyCatcher will find you the name of the song of which tune you just played. It is one of the best song identifier online. The best part of MelodyCatcher is that you do not need to play the full melody just enter 10 notes, that are usually sufficient to identify a song practically. This website works on a Java-based application called applets. So if you wants to access the site you should need to have java to be installed on your PC. You will definitely get answer of What Song is This ?.

4.3 Musipedia

Musipedia as the name suggests of this website, it is a music/melody search engine. The best part of Musicpedia is even if you don’t know your music by name, Musipedia will help you by providing the best results while search for unknown music here. Musicpedia is a web-based platform and it has a variety of features like.

  • Finding the name of similar songs;
  • Using the mouse to draw notes,
  • Using keyboard to get rhythm of a song.
  • Whistling a tune via microphone.
  • or you may just use text search.

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5. What’s the Name of The Song –  Software

5.1 Tunatic

We have just talked about mobile applications and web platforms. But till yet we have not talked about any software for PC to identify a song. Tunatic is free to download software available for MAC as well as for Windows PC. Just you need a working internet connection and have a mic and Tunactic work for you. Just provide the tune to Tunatic via mic and rest of the work will completed by Tunatic itself. So it will give you the answer of What Song is This ?.


As a blogger i provides you the best details about songs identifier as per my knowledge and my research on Internet. I hope that this post will helps you a lot if you are looking for an apps that will help you to find the name of a song that you do not remember or remember partially, then you can make use of a music finder apps like Midomi, Shazam or the you make use inbuilt feature of your device that is voice recognition in android you can use Google and in iOS you may use Siri both works on voice recognition technique. Today we have a number of apps that can recognise the music by the humming or tune or by a part of music that you play. You may try these voice recognition apps to find a song and it will definitely give you the answer of the question what song is this ?.

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